FMB Snap Shot Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks using your SmartPhone
  • Save unnecessary trips to the Bank when you register for FMB’s Snap Shot Mobile Deposit
  • Deposit checks 24/7 from your SmartPhone into your FMB checking or savings account
  • Safe and secure
  • Take a CLEAR picture of the entire front and entire back of an endorsed check
  • Check that the image is clear and all numbers are legible
  • Verify check details and submit check for deposit
  • Receive confirmation of deposit
  • Deposit up to five (5) checks per day
  • Deposit up to $2,500 per day with a monthly maximum of $10,000.00.  Businesses can deposit up to $5,000 per day with a maximum of $25,000.00 per month
  • Submit before 6:00 PM ET on a business day and the funds will be credited to your account that same day
  • Checks cannot be deposited that are:
    • drawn on a foreign financial institution;
    • made payable in foreign currency;
    • made payable to “cash”;
    • money orders; or
    • made payable jointly.
  • After the check has been deposited into your account, we recommend that you mark the check in ink with "Electronically Processed" and securely store the deposited check for a minimum of 14 days, then destroy it.